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Updated: Jun 13, 2022

This might be the best vegan brownie you have ever had. Maybe the best brownie period. So, what is so special about this brownie? From my research, there are different types of brownies that people prefer. Some people like it cakey, some people like it gooey, some people like it fudgey, some like it crispy. This brownie pretty much embodies ALL of that.

There is a fudgey centre (if you bake it a little less, it will be more gooey) as well as literal chocolate fudge on the top. The exterior of the brownie is crispy all around because I bake it in a round tin, that way every piece of the brownie is a corner piece and a centre piece at the same time.

Watch our Youtube video below on how to make it! (Please disregard how messy I look because I wasn't anticipating to make a Youtube video, and I wake up early to go to work)

Here is the written recipe for you to follow! This is our exact recipe we use! Make sure you use a kitchen scale!

Makes 12


210g All Purpose Flour

320g Organic Cane Sugar

55g Cocoa Powder

7g Baking Powder

3g Salt

125g Vegan Butter

225g Dark Chocolate Chips

120g Oat Milk

26g Vanilla

200g Oreos + 5 or 6 oreos for the top


1 can or 195mL Condensed Coconut Milk

175g Dark Chocolate Chips


1. Add all dry ingredients into mixing bowl and mix.

2. Meanwhile, melt vegan butter with chocolate chips in a heat safe bowl in the microwave.

3. Once melted, pour into dry mix and turn on the mixer.

4. Add vanilla into the oat milk, then add into the brownie batter.

5. Add in 200g of oreo cookies into brownie batter and turn on the mixer. The mixer will crush the cookies.

6. Line bottom of 9 inch springform cake pan or 8x8 square pan, and pour batter into the pan. Spread batter evenly. Layer 5 to 6 broken pieces of oreos on top.

7. Bake at 350F for 40 minutes. (If using a 8x8 square pan, reduce time to 30 minutes).

8. Once baked, allow the brownie to cool 15 minutes before making the fudge.

9. To make the fudge, melt the condensed coconut milk and chocolate chips into a heat safe bowl in the microwave.

10. Squish down the brownie to remove any gaps. Pour on top of the brownie and spread.

11. Allow the brownie and fudge to cool until room temperature before putting it in the fridge overnight.

12. Next day, unmold the brownie and cut it into pieces. I use a torch to heat up the sides of the springform cake pan to get the brownie out easily. Enjoy~

Let me know what you think about the brownie!

❤ Monica



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Monica & Tommy

Monica and Tommy are passionate about veganism and want to share what they have learned to others to inspire them to also live a plant-based lifestyle.

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