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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

I am not the household cook. Tommy actually does all the cooking! He has a tendency to focus on one particular type of food and tries to prerfect it. He actually never used to eat sushi because he claimed he disliked the taste of seaweed. But now he makes sushi atleast twice a month.

We used to watch a lot of Epicurious on Youtube, where they show 3 levels of different styles of cooking a particular item. Tommy wanted to mimic that and show you this can also apply to vegan sushi. Of course, his level 1 is actually a little bit more advanced. He will show you how to make vegan inari sushi, two kinds of vegan sushi (carrot lox and crispy tofu roll), and aburi style hamburger sushi.

What is inari? Inari is made out of bean curd, and has a little pouch to stuff rice inside. Typically stuffed with plain sushi rice, Tommy turns it up a notch by stuffing it with vegan fried rice. He also shows you how to cook the sushi rice!

Tommy shows how to make two different types of vegan sushi. You can essentially incorporate any ingredient in the filling as you wish. But he shows some unique techniques to produce a perfect tight sushi roll.

Aburi sushi is made by torching the top of the sushi with a flame to get a smokey taste. Here, Tommy shows you his signature hamburger sushi, using Beyond sausage and Daiya cheddar cheese.

Thanks for watching. Give these recipes a try and let us know which is your favourite!

❤ Monica



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Monica & Tommy

Monica and Tommy are passionate about veganism and want to share what they have learned to others to inspire them to also live a plant-based lifestyle.

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